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Things you should know about living in Perth, Western Australia

The following information provides an indication of what living expenses are associated with residence in Perth:

Single person costs of living

Rental Accommodation (unit/villa):

  • 1 Bedroom  AUD$175-$220 pw

  • 2 Bedroom  AUD$200-$240 pw

(Dependent on whether furnished or unfurnished)

Electricity: AUD$25 pw
Telephone(Landline:) AUD$10-15 pw
Medical: AUD$7 pw (based on Medibank current rates)
Public Transport: AUD$25 pw
Food: AUD$60 pw
Laundry: AUD$12 pw
Other: AUD$50
(Clothing, Toiletries, entertainment)

Budget per week for a single person: AUD$350–$400

Renting – Can range from AUD$300-$500 plus per week depending on the area and location.

Family of 4 Costs of living per week
Rent: AUD$300–$450 Approx.
Other Housing costs: AUD$119
Schooling: AUD$108
Cars: AUD$125
Food: AUD$250
Sport and Recreation: AUD$40

Approx budget for a family of 4: $1100.00

Please also refer to the Study in Australia website for more information: http://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/


School is compulsory for all children aged between five and seventeen years. These ages may vary slightly in some states. The government provides public schools. Churches and other groups provide private schooling. You will need to check with The Department of Education of Western Australia:

  • Central Office 151 Royal Street, East Perth, Western Australia 6004

Phone: [+61 8] 9264 4111
Fax: [+61 8] 9264 5005

Contact your local school first for information on school fees and charges, enrolments, criteria etc. Fees are also payable for private schooling.

Note: Students holding temporary visas may be required to pay full school fees. Check with individual schools for details.

Student Support Services

Prior to course commencement XLT College of Welding Staff will provide an Orientation Program that is designed to provide information concerning the course you are enrolling in. XLT College of Welding Staff remain available for any concerns that you may have with regard to study or education information.

Additional support services are available by contacting XLT College of Welding's Overseas Contact Officer on [08] 9434 3774.  The Overseas Contact Officer remains available to discuss and provide assistance in all areas of your welfare including your accommodation needs, health cover etc. Students with visa enquiries will be directed to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) and the Dept. of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

Local Medical & Health Services

Medical Centres/Doctors


Phoenix Medical Centre
223 Rockingham Road
Spearwood, Western Australia  6163
Ph 9434 3555

Cockburn Medical Centre
6 Barrington Street
Spearwood, Western Australia   6163
Ph 9418 3722

South Street Medical Centre
386 South Street
O’Connor, Western Australia   6163
Ph 9337 7888

Canning Medical Centre
199 High Street
Fremantle, Western Australia   6163
Ph 9335 6822



Fremantle Hospital – Public
Alma Street
Fremantle, Western Australia   6160
Ph 9431 3333

Royal Perth Hospital - Public
Wellington Street
Perth, Western Australia 6000
Ph 9224 2244

St John of God – Private
100 Murdoch Drive
Murdoch, Western Australia   6150
Ph 9366 1802

St Charles Gardener Hospital – Public
Hospital Avenue
Nedlands, Western Australia   6009
Ph 9346 3333

Dental Services


DB Dental
6 Barrington Street
Spearwood, Western Australia   6163
Ph 9418 5511

Phoenix Road Dental Surgery
4/223 Rockingham Road
Spearwood, Western Australia   6163
Ph 9434 1235

Spearwood Dental Centre
161 Rockingham Road
Hamilton Hill, Western Australia   6163
Ph 9434 2829




SKG Radiology
4/235 Rockingham Road
Spearwood, Western Australia   6163
Ph 9434 4414

Lifecare Phoenix Physiotherapy
3/223 Rockingham Road
Spearwood, Western Australia   6163
Ph 9434 3660

Cockburn Chiropractic Centre
243 Rockingham Road
Spearwood, Western Australia   6163
Ph 9418 6233




Pharmacy 777
7/223 Rockingham Road
Spearwood, Western Australia   6163
Ph 9418 6777

Spearwood 7 day Pharmacy
5/432 Rockingham Road
Spearwood, Western Australia   6163
Ph 9434 1118

Legal Services

The community Legal Centres Association of Western Australia represents 29 Community Legal Centres in Western Australia.  They primarily assist people who are unable to afford the services of a private lawyer.

The following is the initial contact number:
Community Legal Services Association
Ph 9221 9322

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XLT College of Welding currently has no contracts with Education Agents.

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