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Complaints and Appeals

Students enrolled at XLT College of Welding have ongoing access to a Complaints and Appeals procedure which features both an Internal and if necessary an External process

Internal Process

The features of the XLT College of Welding Complaints and Appeals Process include.

  • written records of all complaints and appeals
  • registering complaints and appeals are at no or minimal cost to the  student.
  • allowance of a support person at any complaints or appeals meetings
  • written statements detailing complaint and appeal outcomes
  • resolutions to complaints and appeals are acted on promptly.

Anytime a student disagrees with a decision made by XLT College of Welding management or staff, they may submit a complaint in writing. A decision by XLT College of Welding management concerning the students appeal outcomes will be provided to the student in writing.

Independent Conciliator

As a part of the Internal Process of XLT College of Welding’s Complaints and Appeals procedure, students or staff may access an independent person known as the Independent Conciliator. The Independent Conciliator, available at the Department of Education Services in Osborne Park, Western Australia, is a free service. The Independent Conciliator who will deal with issues relating to:

  • institutions' services and facilities;
  • content and standard of Education Services;
  • amount of refunds paid to students;
  • quality of instruction;
  • academic progress of students;
  • the conduct of international students;
  • welfare services;
  • information concerning part-time employment opportunities;
  • accommodation provided by or advertised by an institution;
  • suspension and expulsion of overseas students; and
  • any other matters deemed appropriate by the Conciliator.
  • If either a student or a member of staff at XLT College of Welding would like to discuss a case with the Independent Conciliator, they can contact the Conciliator either by telephoning [08] 9441 1953, or by sending a fax to [08] 9441 1950.

The email address of the Conciliator is:  anne.duncan@des.wa.gov.au

External Process

If student disagrees with appeal decisions of XLT College of Welding Management they may have access to an External Independent Adjudicator. (Please refer to the student handbook for further advice)
Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations

The ESOS Framework document can be downloaded here.


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